Perfect Grade Unleashed #01: RX-78-2 GUNDAM (1/60 scale PG Unleashed)

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The ultimate 40th Anniversary GUNDAM model kit is here!  With a construction style known as the "Gunpla Evolution Link System", this Perfect Grade Gundam kit goes from:

Phase 01: inner humanoid insert molded frame

Phase 02: linked articulation gimmicks for added mobility

Phase 03: multi-layered internal truss frame structure with metal plated parts

Phase 04: added diecast thruster nozzles and diecast upper head Vulcan cannons with metallic 3D decals

Phase 05: opening hatches and an inner LED system that lights up the Gundam's eyes,ventilators, inner core in 4 different colors, the backpack thrusters, and the beam sabers

It is the ULTIMATE design of the original Gundam!

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