Complete Selection Modification (CSM) Deluxe Light & Sound Henshin Belt Series: KAMEN RIDER #1's TYPHOON with Kamen Rider #2 belt conversion parts & stand



The ultimate version of the original KAMEN RIDER's henshin belt, the TYPHOON!  This adult-sized, high-end, super collectible comes with electronic light & sounds as seen in the first KAMEN RIDER series worn by Kamen Rider #1--the first Kamen Rider, in his updated power form!  This set comes with the electronic light & sound buckle, the leather belt strap, scarf and stud accessories, a display logo, and a daiza stand to display the belt!

Also comes with belt conversion stud parts to make Kamen Rider #2's version (not able to make both #1 and #2 at the same time), and a Junior Rider Team pendant!

The Complete Selection Modification (CSM) series is for adult collectors and represents the highest quality craftsmanship according to the actual specs of the belts used in the shows, and gain in secondary market value all across Japan and worldwide collections.

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