About Us

MUTEKI SALES was founded in 2006, with the promise to deliver quality Japanese toys &
merchandise at the lowest prices available.  We’re an Internet / web-based company, so while many of our competitors have no choice but to add on costs to your purchases to factor in store rent, employees, insurance, etc., we have no overhead like that, allowing us to pass the savings onto you.

Our prices are generally lower than most anime toy dealers because we operate at minimal working costs, but maximum care towards getting the best and the newest items for you, as well as catering to vintage Japanese toy collectors.  We were once like you, scrambling to pay high prices to get our toys for our own collections, so we understand about trying to find the lowest price for items.  We didn’t like getting taken for high exorbitant costs, so we don’t want to do that to you—it would be unfair to hurt those who enjoy Japanese toys like we do, and we need to stick together.

Many of you have asked us about “where our store is located”, and our answer to that is “everywhere & nowhere”.  We’re strictly web-based, meaning that we can be reached at any time via our website or e-mail address (
mutekisales@gmail.com) but at the same time, because we aren’t stuck with a rent for a store front, or needing to pay utilities & insurance, or pay a salary to employees, we save on those factors, and because of that, we have the ability to help you save by not tacking “hidden costs” onto your toys.  We want you to enjoy them knowing that you didn’t overspend, or find it cheaper anywhere else later on.  In fact, many Japanese toy retailers on the Web have “sales prices” that are pretty good, but their “sales prices” are our REGULAR, EVERYDAY prices, and not for “a limited time only”.

Please feel free to look around the Web for the same items we sell—we always believe that a smart shopper looks around first before buying anything.  We encourage that here on the Internet as well as the comic / toy conventions we exhibit at, and you will find that our prices are always comparable, and most of the time, cheaper for the same items.  After you’ve looked around, come back here to

MUTEKI SALES—we serve all your anime and tokusatsu needs.